5 Essentials for a 4th of July Pool Party

It is time to party the day away. Fourth of July is one of the most anticipated celebrations of the year.

Happy Birthday, America. Don’t take offence, but many people are just into celebrating for the cold beer, hot dogs and fireworks. As silly as it sounds, freedom isn’t really brought up as often as it should be. Despite what they are in it for, the celebrations aren’t stopping. Fourth of July celebrations are the perfect excuse to eat good and socialize.

Whether you are celebrating the freedom behind the red, white and blue or partying for partying sake, it is important to recognize Independence Day and all it entails.

It’s a time for family. It’s a time for friends. It’s a time for fun. It’s a day to celebrate independence and the freedom we all get to experience together. Happy Birthday, America. We will have a drink and a hotdog for you. For the people ready to set aside their worries and appreciate the red, white and blue, we want to help you celebrate in a big way. There is no party like a Fourth of July pool party!

1. Free to Style

Whether you are looking to make a splash this Fourth of July or are just wanting to spark up your social media presence with some cute new photos, your outfit is an essential factor to key in when planning or attending a Fourth of July pool party. In America, we are free to embrace our individual styles. We are free to be stylin’ and profilin’.

If you are planning to attend or throw a Fourth of July pool party, you’ll want to go with something cute and casual. If you aren’t one to care about color coordinating, a simple Old Navy American flag shirt will do just fine. Odds are, you’ll have a few of them hibernating in the back of the closet.

For those looking to spend a little extra something to look a little extra “patriotic,” you can’t go wrong with a cute red and white stiped bikini, a navy tank and a pair of distressed denim shorts with exposed front pockets. There are a variety of Fourth of July t-shirt options that are worthy of an Insta caption. The choice is yours. You are FREE to choose.

Dress it up with an America-flag-inspired dress to match your mini or match some of your cutest red, white and blue pieces for an original look. If the colors are there, your Fourth-of-July-inspired look will catch eyes from everywhere.

Remember, there are many people who do not believe in wearing anything remotely resembling the American flag. Some consider it disrespectful to wear anything resembling it. Be prepared for their opinions, brush up on the different beliefs or keep it a strictly red, white and blue themed a.k.a. NO flag attire. It doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal, but for some, it is. Consider your options and go from there.

2. Free to Play

There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. Fourth of July parties are an anticipated kick off to the summer. Sure, school has been out. However, it doesn’t truly feel like summer has officially started until the grill is lit, and the patties are flipped.

Depending on how you celebrate, each person is going to have different memories and different traditions associated with the Fourth of July. Some embrace the parades while others enjoy an intimate picnic. Barbeques are near mandatory all around. Frankly, is it even legal to celebrate without a backyard barbeque?

Divide and conquer. You can’t have a Fourth of July barbeque without the right barbeque games. Go big or go home. Fourth of July 2019 is your opportunity to stay up late on a week night! Host a late-night baseball game at the house with close family and friends. Hot dogs are already cooked, and you’ll need peanuts and sunflower seeds to compliment. Is it ever truly a legit baseball game without these essentials?

If baseball is not your thing, a kickball tournament or capture the American flag may be your thing. This gets every guest involved, and it is your opportunity to appreciate the ability to do so.Some good ole’ American football is always an option. If the weather isn’t holding up, take the party inside

Cornhole can be easily played on the porch or inside a large game room. Ring toss is easily done with red, white and blue sprayed wine bottles. If you don’t already have some empty bottles of wine, the kind that helped you make it through the school year, open some new bottles and make some sangria for the party. Sparkling patriotic sangria, anyone?

With everything all ‘Merica-ed out, an outfit contest is always a Fourth of July party option!

It’s a Fourth of July pool party, so it is important to have some games going on in the pool to. Fun floats, along with a cool drink, will have the swimmers chilling while a heated game of volley ball is brewing on the deck. The games can be as simple or as intense as you want. Just make sure there are plenty of food and drink options, so guests can cool off, and the party never has to stop.

3. Free to Eat

Is it the word ‘Merica in our sights, or does Fourth of July have a bit of a twang to it? The most popular foods on the Fourth of July surround grilled-charred burgers and hotdogs, saucy-daucy ribs, grandma’s potato salad, fresh- made coleslaw, finger-licking chicken wings, pop- shalockin’ shish kabobs and all other back-porch-southern momma- daddy grillin’- Uncle Jill’s gossip driven- barbeque eatin’ deliciousness.

Too much? N.O.T.H.I.N.G is too much for a Fourth of July barbeque. All kidding aside, the food you choose will make your Fourth of July party even better. Think of your guests. If you are having an intimate get together or are just chilling at home, your options can vary. If you have a picky crowd, consider the crowd pleasers such as...

Hot dogs and hamburgers are undeniably popular because even the pickiest eaters like them. They are easy to make, and most people (including kids) like them. Offer alternatives in case there are any guests with special diets. It is always best to ask beforehand. A variety of sides usually do the trick. Mac and cheese, baked beans, chips, veggie trays and other side items will offer variety. Add some festive options with red, white and blue dishes. Patriotic cupcakes, Rice Krispies, stars-and-stripes cake pops and colorful punches are all fun options for those Fourth of July party dishes.

4. Free to Express Yourself

The great part about planning parties surrounded by food is that it is surrounded by FOOD! Food can be used to win someone’s heart and be used to add a fun flair to décor. Red, white and blue cake pops, cut watermelon in a navy-blue tiered container, blueberry, strawberry and banana kabobs, blue and red tootsie pops and other red, white and blue candies are all patriotic and delicious ways to add something unique to your décor.

Colored plates and napkins are another easy option when decorating for Fourth of July. It seems simple, but it works. Red, white and blue bandanas are great for table settings. Get fancy and cut out a star in a large piece of cardboard. Spray paint red, white and blue stars across your lawn. It is fun. It is patriotic. It is different. Your guests will love it!

Red, white and blue can be incorporated in your décor in a variety of ways. Whether you incorporate décor into your table settings or into the food setup, your Fourth of July pool party décor can vary from simple to distinct. Choose what will work best for you. Fourth of July 2019 is on a Thursday this year. Consider the time you have to decorate and who you are decorating for. Is it worth all the time and effort? If so, decorate to your heart’s desire.

Spray paint some old cans red white and blue and add in string light. It’s a perfectly patriotic light display for a Fourth of July wedding. Die some rice red and blue and separate it with white rice in a mason car. A simple tea can be placed on top. This look is perfect for an outdoor table setting. It will light up the night. That is, until the fireworks start sparking.

5. Free to Go Out with a Bang (Sort of...)

Katy Perry said it first, “Baby, you’re a firework!” Come and show your guests what it is worth to celebrate with a bang this Fourth of July. Ignite a sense of independence in the hearts and minds of everyone who attend your Fourth of July pool party. Fireworks were adopted into Fourth of July celebrations for their sense of morale. Plus, fireworks are the perfect complement to a backyard pool party or barbeque.

If you are planning a firework display this Fourth, remember to take every precaution to ensure everything and everyone are safe. First things first, make sure to buy legal consumer fireworks from a licensed tent or store. Certain fireworks may be legal in your area and may be illegal in other surrounding areas. Do some research. Don’t get caught with something you aren’t supposed to have. That is one way to ruin a party.

Setting up fireworks can be dangerous. It is important to take every safety tip seriously. Make sure that a sober adult is handling the fireworks. They’ll need safety glasses, a hose nearby and a perimeter blocked off for them. Make sure they are briefed on the directions on the label, and there should be water available for the fireworks to be submerged in after.

After they are used, they should be submerged in water for at least 20 minutes. After twenty minutes, drain the water, put the fireworks in a plastic bag and dispose of them in a covered trash can. Remember, all children should stear clear of the fireworks. If the pool is a safe distance away, they will be fine to watch the firework show from there. Animals should be kept inside, away from the noise. It is important to remember that many animals don’t react well to fireworks. Make sure to give them lots of love and treats to help calm their nerves during and/ or after it’s all finished.

The Fourth of July is one of those holidays where everyone can have a good time. Spend time with family and friends. Eat lots of good food. Enjoy some fun and games. There are so many good opportunities to have fun this Fourth of July. Dress up because you can. Relax because... why not?

Remember, there is no need to put too much time and effort into your Fourth of July pool party planning. All your guests really care about is that there is good food, good company and a pool to party in. It’s funny how our country has adopted all these traditions for Independence Day, but many United States’ citizens often forget to recognize the independence that got them there.

Party like it's your birthday, but remember it is our nation’s... birthday. Don’t let the day come and go without acknowledging what it took to get there. Take some time to refresh your knowledge on our nation’s history. Do something good for someone else and enjoy the freedom that was fought for. It is so easy to take the freedom we have for granted. It is something we should all appreciate every day! Our florists at In Bloom Flowers and Gifts in Abington, PA, are here to wish you the best this Independence Day with these 5 essentials for a rocking Fourth of July pool party.

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